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About Our Designs

Welcome to our design page. Here we introduce you to just a few of our designs in detail so that you can learn a bit more about the animals and plants that we love and feature in our designs.   

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Kudu with King Proteas

“Tragelaphus Strepsiceros and Protea Cynaroides” 

The greater kudu is a woodland antelope found throughout eastern and southern Africa. Despite occupying such widespread territory, they are sparsely populated in most areas due to declining habitat, deforestation, and poaching.

The king protea has the largest flower head in the genus. The species is also known as giant protea, honeypot or king sugar bush. It is widely distributed in the southwestern and southern parts of South Africa in the fynbos region. The king protea is the national flower of South Africa.

African Elephant with Bitter Aloes

Loxodonta Africana and Aloe Ferrox” 

African elephants are the largest animals walking the Earth. Their herds wander through 37 countries in Africa. They are easily recognized by their trunk that is used for communication and handling objects. And their large ears allow them to radiate excess heat. Upper incisor teeth develop into tusks in African elephants and grow throughout their lifetime.

Aloe ferox is a tall, single-stemmed aloe, that can grow to 10 feet (3.0 m) in height. Its leaves are thick and fleshy, arranged in rosettes, and have reddish-brown spines on the margins with smaller spines on the upper and lower surfaces. The leaf surfaces of young plants are covered in spines; however, as they get taller and less vulnerable to grazing, the leaves begin to lose most of their spines except for those along the leaf margins. 

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Meerkat with Rooibos
“Suricata Suricatta and Aspalathus Linearis”

Meerkats are highly social, and form packs of two to 30 individuals each that occupy home ranges around 5 km2 (1.9 sq mi) in area. There is a social hierarchy—generally dominant individuals in a pack breed and produce offspring, and the nonbreeding, subordinate members provide altruistic care to the pups. Breeding occurs around the year, with peaks during heavy rainfall; after a gestation of 60 to 70 days, a litter of three to seven pups is born.

Rooibos (/ˈrɔɪbɒs/ ROY-boss; Afrikaans: [rɔːibɔs];) (transl. red bush), Aspalathus linearis, is a broom-like member of the plant family Fabaceae that grows in South Africa's fynbos biome.

The leaves are used to make a herbal tea that is called rooibos (especially in Southern Africa), bush tea, red tea, or redbush tea (predominantly in Great Britain).

The wild dog is one of the world’s most endangered mammals. The largest populations remain in southern Africa and the southern part of East Africa (especially Tanzania and northern Mozambique).

Dandelion is a yellow-flowered plant that is usually regarded as an enemy by gardeners throughout the world. It is however also grown commercially for its medicinal properties. Used for healing purposes since the 10th century, the form of dandelion valued as a medicine grows in the northern hemisphere. (The dandelion found in South Africa is a different, hairier version of the species.

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