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Born from their mutual love for the uMzansi flora and fauna and functional cutting-edge design, Leanne Logan and Iain Robinson come together to create TrackBack.

KwaZulu Natal-based artist, Iain’s designs are a celebration of the rich diversity of the South African animal and plant kingdoms. Together with Leanne’s more than 15 years of experience in the South African clothing and retail industry, they have produced a unique homegrown product of exceptional quality.

Meet the TrackBack family:

Loxodonta Africana and Aloe Ferrox” -

African Elephant with Bitter Aloes

“Panthera Leo and Protea Cynaroides” -

Lion with King Proteas and diverse others

“Tragelaphus Strepsiceros and Protea Cynaroides” -

Kudu with King Proteas

“Suricata Suricatta and Aspalathus Linearis” -

Meerkat with Rooibos

“Equus Quagga and Monstera Deliciosa” -

Zebra with Delicious Monster

All designs are available with or without “South Africa”.

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